35 REASONS – Why every school needs Online School Management software!!!


35 REASONS – Why every school needs Online School Management software!!!

  1. Online software connects all departments, teaching staff, non-teaching staff & parents with each other.
  2. You can manage the school growth by using the technology.
  3. It works as a centralized communication system for all users.
  4. It provides the latest information to all departments/users all the time.
  5. It improves the accuracy in work as it simplifies and streamlines the processes.
  6. Helps to manage and monitor the school remotely.
  7. It automates all possible tasks of school for smooth running their day to day activities and provides accurate information as and when needed.
  8. An effective and fast way of communication between school and students.
  9. Principal/owner can monitor all activities of the school in the software from anywhere in the world.
  10. Graphical representation of data makes easier to understand the data.
  11. Software helps to understand the gray areas (Lacking Areas).
  12. Provides all data in printable reports format in clicks.
  13. Principal / Admin can send SMS to all parents, teaching staff & non-teaching staff remotely any time.
  14. It can notify parents by sending SMS on many events e.g. Fees Deposit, Student’s Absent, Admission, Sudden Holidays etc.
  15. It helps to take the right decisions on right time.
  16. It enhance staff’s and student’s performance and hence to improve the overall performance of the school.
  17. It is a source to be ahead in education by technologies.
  18. Approx. 50% time saving in admin and office work.
  19. Approx. 50% cost saving in printing jobs.
  20. Reduce the paper work & cost in school.
  21. Best way to store all information of students and teachers on clouds.
  22. Best way to access the data 24×7 hours remotely from anywhere in the world.
  23. No worry to keep the backup of data every time.
  24. Server takes the backup of all data on other standby servers daily automatically.
  25. Parents can see all student’s progress by using school mobile app.
  26. Parents become more responsible as they get regular update about the child.
  27. Students become more regular as parents are informed on their absence and performance.
  28. Parents start depositing the fees on time as they get reminders by SMS and mobile app.
  29. School can take the feedback from parents through mobile app.
  30. Parents can share the 1 to 1 message with any teacher through mobile app.
  31. Mobile app saves the SMS cost as many notification can be sent to parents through mobile apps.
  32. OTP adds one more layer of security and only authorize user can login to software by receiving the OTP in their registered mobile.
  33. Teacher can add student’s mark, homework, attendance from their home.
  34. Parents can apply student’s leave through the mobile app.
  35. Parents can see all news & events about the school in mobile app.

So, why you don’t try EduChanger online school ERP software-

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