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IT’S DIFFICULT TO CREATE THE FUTURE ON OLD SYSTEM. To be competitive and for better future you need to upgrade your business with the latest tools & technologies. Our product EduChanger is built on latest technologies and it provides the modern way to manage the school from anywhere in the world.

Today I’m sharing the facts & myths about EduChanger (A smart school ERP software).

🔯 EduChanger is not just a school software, it’s a complete IT solution for the entire school.
🔯 It’s a centralised software for all departments.
🔯 It provides the latest information to users all the times.
🔯 It provides the decision making information to the management. Also, it highlights the areas which need to be improved.
🔯 You will be able to manage and monitor the school from remote location.
🔯 It provides the capability to finish all activities on time with 100% accuracy.
🔯 Parents are always connected with school update through mobile app and can see student’s performance in app.
🔯 You can send / receive unlimited messages to / from parents. SMS cost will be zero.
🔯 EduChanger works 24*7 hours as an employee and never takes holiday or leave. It’s available all the time and provides accurate information on clicks.
🔯 Its support team is available for 24*7 to ensure your work is not stopped any time.
🔯 Its IT team is open to accept N number of customization or enhancements without any extra cost. We ensure you work in your working style.
🔯 Data is stored & managed at cloud which is 100% secure and safe. You don’t need to worry about database backup.

🔯 Price is very high and it’s not affordable.
🔯 Team cannot support from remote location and our work will be hampered due to remote location.
🔯 Company will ask for more money for the customizations.
🔯 Company will not refund our money if we are not satisfied with product and services.

We ensure you that all the myths are absolutely false. We are known for affordable price and 100% satisfaction from our products and services. As of now we have heavy discount offer for next 100 orders for next session.

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