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Bulk SMS Software

It’s FAST, SIMPLE, INSTANT DELIVERY. It provides the bulk SMS solution to Institutes. This solution is fully customized as per Institute needs. It’s designed in this way that SMS are sent to students & staff members in 2 minutes by just doing 3 clicks.

Salient Features

1. Instant SMS delivery (24*7) by India's fastest gateway.

2. Delivery rate is higher as SMS are sent through API’s.

3. SMS can be sent to parents and/or Institute staff.

4. Option to send SMS to Fathers or Mothers or Both.

5. Can create N number of groups based on classes or sections or staff member etc.

6. Can send SMS to one or N number of groups at a time.

7. Delivery Report shows the status of sent SMS e.g. Pending, Delivered.

8. SMS can be delivered to DND or Non-DND numbers.

9. SMS Library stores all SMS content for all possible holidays.

10. No need to write or copy & paste SMS content from any other file.

11. Send SMS in any language.

12. It removes the duplicate numbers automatically.

Demo & Price

For demo & price, please reach out to our sales team at:-


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