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Exam & Report Card Solution - FAST, SIMPLE, ACCURATE

EduChanger provides the examination solution to schools and colleges. It’s designed in this way that a school can generate thousands of accurate report cards in a single day.

Salient Features

1. It supports CBSE and other state board’s examination standards.
2. It includes all CBSE standard templates along with new 2019 – 2020 template.
3. Also, it provides customized templates as per school’s need.
4. It provides more than 50 templates of report cards.
5. User can print the report card in any template for the test (e.g. Periodic Test), Term I & Term II.
6. User can create N number of grades based on percentage ranges e.g. A+ (91% - 100%), A (81% - 90).
7. All percentages & grades are calculated automatically.
8. User can create N number of third languages and map a language with any particular student e.g. French, Spanish, Chinese, German.
9. Simple way to add numbers in Scholastic Area.
10. Simple way to add grades in Co-scholastic & Discipline Areas.
11. Option to add Attendance, Remarks, Health Report & Other details.
12. It provides various reports e.g. Rank Report, Student List, Check List, Date Sheet.


1. We setup the data of students, teachers, class & sections, subjects, exam areas, grades, third language etc.
2. We setup the report card templates as per your requirement.
3. EduChanger will share the sample report cards for your approval.
4. After approval, your operator or your teachers can add the numbers or grade by logging in to web portal or mobile app.
5. Thousands of accurate report cards can be generated in a single day.
6. In case of any difficulty, our support team is available (24*7).

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